SPRING 2016:

Life, Death, God, and High School

High school is a bizarre mix of the mundane and the profound. We’re living in limbo– for the most part, through with childhood, yet constantly reminded of the things we’re still too young and too unformed to understand or experience. What is the interplay between the conscious and unconscious mind of a teenager? Can the prevailing perceptions of high schoolers– shallow, driven, insecure, idealistic, dramatic, apathetic, yearning– all exist at once? It’s hard to find extensive, intellectual, and barefaced description of “the teenage experience” written not by psychologists, not by parents, not by our teachers or our librarians, but by teenagers themselves. This issue is an attempt to capture life as bravely and honestly as possible.


Leo first pushed its way out of the womb four years ago when a group of upperclassmen decided to write the stories they wanted to read at South and amplify the voices they wanted to hear. But high school is rocky soil for a publication to take root. As time passed, Leo, a labor of love, struggled to grow and field a stable staff. Yet through it all, Leo‘s editors clung to their ambitious vision: to create an offbeat, powerful publication that could draw truth out of the shadows.

Today, with a committed staff and a fresh start online, we are proud to announce the rebirth of Leo magazine.

Leo is a passionate social critique. As a magazine, we strive to be different, not simply to be obscure or pretentious, but to challenge our readers and bring to light topics that would otherwise be ignored. More than anything, Leo is the start of a conversation. We want to push past the mundane and spark discussion with articles intentionally and joyfully provocative.

Leo is an outlet for your voices. It is designed to draw you in and create space for truth.

We’d like to think we’ve collectively brought this magazine to a place where it can sink roots. As editors, we’re wildly excited to present you with Leo, reborn.

Lizy Szanton and Naomi Honig
editors in chief