IMG_4651Naomi Honig, Editor in Chief

Hey! I’m Naomi Honig and I love skiing and theater and tap dancing and Leo!  I go to school at NSHS sometimes and I know how to play guitar; I tell people I’m good at it even though I’m only okay. I like to sing in the car so my parents are looking forward to not driving me anymore (cross your fingers on August 1 for me while I take my road test, thanks). I hope y’all enjoy our content!



IMG_3030Lizy Szanton, Editor in Chief

Hello! I’m Lizy Szanton and I like talking to trees and swimming in large bodies of water and meeting strangers. Though there are some things I enjoy being good at, like growing carrots and writing poetry, there are probably just as many things I enjoy being bad at, like ice skating and Parcheesi. Leo represents a whole lot of work from all of us, and I hope you enjoy devouring it as much as we enjoyed creating it.




Eli Beutel, Managing Editor of Content







 Amber Lee, Managing Editor of Content

You may have seen me picking up peanut butter at Trader Joe’s. (I’m a regular.) My passion for putting peanut butter on my peanut butter is second only to my love of Lindt dark chocolate truffles. And ballet. And going to bed before 10. If someone could please dance with me while feeding me a spoon of crunchy peanut butter with a truffle on top after I’ve had a good night’s sleep, that would be pretty great. At the very least, please give my writing a glance.



IMG_4552Adam Netburn, Managing Editor of Business and Outreach


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imageGannon Barnett, Co-Webmaster and Managing Editor of Digital Design

Hi! I’m Gannon. I have lots of interests and one of them is making websites! Go Leo! 🙂







Katie Collins, Co-Webmaster

I’m Katie Collins, and I’m an avid lover of learning! As a three season member of track and cross country, I love to run very, very long distances. I also have a passion for programming, be it iPhones, bacteria, or the web. Aside from school, running, and programming, I love to eat pasta, ride rollercoasters, and watch The Office.




imageSarah Alpert, Copy Editor

Hi! I’m Sarah Alpert and I’m graduating in the Class of 2017. I love to read really old novels and take photos of things like creepy dolls and nicely-lit forests. I’m also good at a few random things, like waterskiing and making good coffee. I have a habit of correcting my friends’ grammar and trespassing on fancy lawns and driving way too fast and eating too much chocolate.  Most importantly, however, I love to write and to edit other people’s writing, and that’s why I’m here.



13245281_1304452502902994_4002737879368009603_nAmanda Horan, Copy Editor


I like to read and write





IMG_4582Caitlin Connell, Deputy Editor of Features

I am Caitlin. I love laughing and talking and smiling and sunshine. My hobbies include biking, writing, and wading (in lakes). My favorite smell is sunscreen and my favorite taste is mint.





IMG_4581Ethan Weinstein, Deputy Editor of Fiction

I am Ethan (@aunt_beru) and I enjoy fishing, philosophy, and copping jawnz. One of my tweets once received over 1400 retweets.







Eric Detjen, Deputy Editor of Digital Content


My name is Eric Detjen and my favorite emoji is probably the heart eyes.





Joey's face


Joey Lorant, Graphic Creator

I have never been outside because I spend all of my time making graphics for Leo’s articles





Siena Small, imageWriter

I joined Leo during my sophomore year of high school. Occasionally I can be seen hiding out in the Roar room, but don’t worry, I’m only there for the cookies.